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Future of the game (21 November 2023)

There is a time of coming an there is a time of saying goodbye.

Years ago, maybe 7 or 8, when the founder of this game all of a sudden quit, it meant the end of Peloton.
Out of love for the game, Schizm, El Gringo and myself coordinated action in one single day and took over Peloton. An action from three men from Belgium, Portugal and Holland who never seen or spoke each other before. If I think back, that was a hectic day but also a day to remember.

We divided tasks and started full of energy. In the beginning we tried to find a programmer who could develop the game further and correct mistakes. We did not have any money because the game itself costed me money.
We tried everything but could not find somebody interested and willing enough to do this for free or a small fee.
From that moment on, it was just keeping the game alive and year after year we saw managers quit and the number of active managers going down.

After several years, Frank told Helder and me that due to his changed work situation he was no longer able to do his part and therefore was forced to quit.
An important thing for the game was to move the game to another, especially cheaper, server. We got help from En Danseuse in the server transfer and Naspa as administrator on the forum,

The last years with Helder doing a study at a university and my busy job, nothing changed to the game.
Even when we found William, who was prepared to do things without asking money and later also knygoo and sd who wanted to help developing, it was me who did not take the lead and effort that is needed to improve the game.

When I am honest to myself, I don't have the motivation left to do what it takes to improve the game.
Peloton needs a new owner, somebody who has the energy and motivation to correct the errors, develop the concept and promote it to get more active players.
Someone who stays in close contact with Willam, knygoo and sd, if they are still willing. Or maybe one of these guys.

My contract with the host for the server runs until early may. Until that day, I will pay all costs.

So what I am looking for is a new owner or a new team that wants to take over.
The price for buying this game is ? 0.

The yearly server costs are now down to approximately ? 350. If you deduct premium money it is almost zero. If you attract more players, you can even pay the programmer a small fee for all the work.

The condition I have is that the new owner pays at least two years for the hosting of the server. I don't care with whom and my other condition is that he or she tries everything in his or her power to develop the game.
My role will be over and I will not interfere anymore.

I already discussed this with Helder. Helder still is willing to help whenever he can, so it is up to the new owner to accept this help or not.

I am sorry that I failed in developing when the three people volunteered, but at least I hope that I provided you with a lot of fun playing this fantastic game the last 8 years.

If anybody has questions, I am always willing to answer.

Yours truly,


Server transfer (6 May 2021)

Dear managers,

We are going to transfer the game to another server to make sure that we can continue the game and give better performance in the future.
But this is a lot of work and it takes time.

Therefore we decided to shut down the game for a week until the transfer is done.

After this sunday's update, May 9. the game will be paused for a week an will continue on sunday May 16 where we start on the situation where we paused.
Please don't put riders on the transferlist after tonight, Thursday May 6, 20.00 hours.

For possible messages keep follow the Peloton Forum.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Your Peloton Team.

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